A soft, sweet coffee, demonstrating flavour notes of caramel and berry fruits. In this blend of Ethiopian Sidamo and Burundian coffee, we find bright Ethiopian citrus mellowed by the winey yet smooth Burundi, creating a balanced and delicate flavour journey from start to finish. Look for a soft, caramel mouth feel and berry fruit notes in the finish.

The coffee that started it all. This was the first blend we offered, and it’s the reason coffee lovers kept coming back for more. In this Fairtrade certified blend off Rwandan and Ethiopian coffees, we find rich chocolate notes and earthy body up front, followed by the Ethiopian Sidamo’s floral, citrus finish. A classic flavour journey from some of Africa’s renown coffee origins.

This natural process coffee brings you the best of Ethiopia without the caffeine. Discover light almond notes and balanced acidity, with flavours of  blackberry and vanilla throughout.

A delightfully layered coffee, with flavours of cocoa, blueberries and plum jam. In this single origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, the sun drying process imparts full body and reserved acidity, while adding a range of delicious flavour notes. Look for a rich cocoa-like mouth feel, as well as flavours of bluberries and plum jam.